Event Speakers

Ameer (Lead Speaker) 

Ameer is a graduate of UC Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in African American Studies. Ameer also holds a Masters in African American Studies from UC Berkeley and is currently working towards earning his doctorate in African Diaspora Studies. His research explores Reality Television as a social phenomena, and how its effects on the perception of Blackness outside of a televisual space. Ameer has conducted research for Harvard University’s Du Bois Institute for African and African American research (The Hip-Hop Archive) and currently works with Harvard University’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice on a series of summer forums. Ameer also received the University of California Berkeley 2011 Graduate Council Advisory Committee for GSI Affairs, Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award.

Twitter: @leftsentthis


Jesekah Loggins

Umoja Program Director at Santa Rosa Community College
Jesekah Loggins is a graduate of UC Berkeley, earning a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, she also has a masters degree in college/career counseling from Saint Mary’s College. Currently Jesekah is a college counselor at Santa Rosa Community College, as well as the director of the colleges Umoja Program.

Yareli Quintana

Certified Holistic Health Coach
Yareli Quintana is a Certified Holistic Health Coach living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yareli is Certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and trained in Compassion Cultivation by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.
As a coach, Yareli helps clients and communities navigate the overcomplicated world of health and wellness with practical nutrition tips and powerful holistic modalities, including meditation, self-compassion, and self-love. Yareli’s goal is to inspire a new generation of wellness ambassadors who believe in the power and sustainability of mind-body healing. Yareli is also a speaker, workshop leader, and the founder of MommyandMe.fit.


Jabari Magnus

Director and Co-Head of Portfolio Analytics
Jabari Magnus, CFA, CFP, is an analytics geek with over 20 years of experience in finance.  He started his finance career on Wall Street, working in quantitative research at Salomon Brothers and now currently leads Portfolio Analytics globally at BlackRock.  Jabari was the first Black Managing Director at BlackRock and is the founding chair of BlackRock’s MultiCultural Network.
Jabari was raised by his Jamaican immigrant grandparents in inner-city Los Angeles. There, his primary education culminated as the first Black valedictorian of Westchester High School.  As a student-athlete, Jabari went on to play football at Cornell University where he earned both a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Honors and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.  While his CFA marks his service to his profession–delivering investment solutions to institutional clients, his CFP marks his dedication to applying that knowledge to his larger community.

Silicon Valley De-Bug

For nearly fifteen years, Silicon Valley De-Bug has been a platform for the least heard of Silicon Valley — youth, communities of color, families impacted by the criminal justice system — to impact the political, cultural, and social landscape of the region and state. The organization initiates and leads campaigns around police accountability, criminal justice reform, and economic justice. De-Bug also created a family organizing model called “participatory defense” – a methodology for families and communities to impact the outcome of court cases of their loved ones and change the landscape of power in the courts. They are training communities across the country to implement the model to make participatory defense a national practice to transform the criminal justice system and challenge mass incarceration.

Twitter: @SVDebug